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Kiara meets Vitani
It is a hot day in Africa. Kiara is on top of Pride Rock. Her father is
asleep inside of the den and Nala is on the hunt with a lot of her
friends. Kiara started to jumped around. She was annoyed by the heat.
"Daddy!" called Kiara, spinning around. Simba walked out of the den. He
saw her spinning and put an amused look on his face. "Kiara, what on
earth are you doing?" asked Simba. "I'm trying to run away from the
heat," said Kiara. Simba smiled. He walked up to her. Kiara stopped
spinning. "It's cooler inside. But I think you should go lay under a
tree," said Simba. "Great," said Kiara, turning to leave. "Remember the
rules!" called Simba. "I know. No running off," said Kiara. "Exactly,"
said Simba. Kiara smiled at him and ran off.

She jumped around and giggled. Kiara went off far to the best tree she
saw. But when she got there she was very surprised. Another cub was
there. One she did not know. It was Vitani. The sister of Nuka and Kovu.
She was also Zira's daughter. Kiara walked over to her. "Hello," said
Kiara. Vitani jumped up and showed her claws. "Get away," she ordered.
"But I just want to play," said Kiara. "With me? But you're a Pride
lander," said Vitani. "Aren't you?" asked Kiara. "No way. I'm the
daughter of Zira," said Vitani. "Whoa. Well, I still would like to play,"
said Kiara. "This is a trick. You're going to tell your father aren't
you?" said Vitani. "I can't. My father would skin me alive if he found
out I were playing with an Outsider," said Kiara. "That's true. Okay, we
can play. For a little while. It's too hot to have fun really," said
Vitani. "Okay," said Kiara. They started to jump around and play tag.
They were having so much fun with each other that neither noticed they
had been playing for hours and hours.

Simba was sitting on the edge of Pride Rock. He was very worried. "Kiara,
should have been back by now." He got off of the rock and went on a
search. He looked inside of a berry bush. No Kiara. He searched near all
of the trees. He could not find Kiara. But far off Kiara and Vitani were
still playing. They were being as wild as cubs could be.

Vitani pounced onto Kiara. "Wow! You're really good at this," said Kiara.
"It's a gift," said Vitani. The cubs laughed. But then Kiara heard a loud
roar! Then Kovu ran up to the cubs. "Vitani, you have to come home. Mom
said that when she finds you she's going to tan your hide," said Kovu.
Vitani gasped. She got off of Kiara. "Hi, Kiara," said Kovu. "Hi," smiled
Kiara. "We have to go. Bye, Kiara," said Vitani. "Bye, Vitani and Kovu,"
called Kiara. Kovu and Vitani ran off. Kiara smiled at them. She had fun
with Vitani. Then Simba ran up.

"There you are, Kiara. I've been looking all over. You know better than
to come out this far," said Simba. "I'm sorry, Daddy," said Kiara. Simba
smiled. "Come on, Kiara. Let's go home," said Simba. He picked her up.
Kiara was very happy. The heat meant nothing to her now.